Marketing Intelligence Bundle

Marketing Intelligence Bundle

Get the Content Direction Agency courses and workshops as a bundle. 

Special Bundle Price: $199

($700+ Value!)

Content Intelligence Academy: 

Content Intelligence Academy is the fast, fun, and easy way to create a content marketing plan and editorial calendar for your business that supports your goals and helps you grow.

Learn the Leadership Marketing System and build your own content marketing plan and editorial calendar. Plan captivating content topics that will support your business goals with this quick and easy (and dare we say, FUN??) course. You will plan out six months’ worth of posts tailored to your goals quicker than you can say "CONTENT MARKETING!" 

Blog Promotion Workshop:

As much as 80% of your content marketing efforts should go to promoting the content you create. Use this bundle to learn how to grow your audience with content promotion. 

The biggest missing link in most business' content strategies is promotion. Use these resources to promote your content, both to your own audience and to new audiences to help grow your business.

Partner Webinars Workshop:

Learn to use other people’s audiences as the fastest way to grow your own with partner webinars. If you’re interested in growing your list fast with qualified leads and a method you can use over and over again — this training is for you.

Lead Magnets Workshop:

If you’ve ever wondered how people have the time (and ideas!) to create a specific content upgrade for each post — PLUS need to know the technical tools to deliver — this workshop is for you.

The Voice Identification Process:

Your voice is your most valuable branding asset. But unmasking it can be a challenge — especially if you don’t feel like a “natural” writer!

Whether you’re writing your website, blog posts, or tweets, understanding your own individual voice is essential to creating copy that connects with your most valuable customers.

When you have a strong, clear understanding of your brand voice, you will be able to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, easily create copy that sounds and feels like you, and attract the customers that want to do business with you, so you make more money with less effort.

NEW! 2-Part How to Upcycle Your Genius Workshop

Together, we’re going to identify at least one piece of content you already have that you can upcycle, and I’ll show you our exact system for how to turn it into a searchable asset. If you want to learn how to take content you’ve already got and turn it into evergreen, searchable assets to build your own platform off of social media, then this workshop is for you.

NEW! Consent-Based Selling + Copy Workshop

Sales and copy go together like peanut butter and chocolate (remember that commercial??) — and you want them working together to provide your clients a great experience, and you more leads and sales! 

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