Ultimate Content Planning System

The ultimate system to plan, create and repurpose content that allows your marketing team to be autonomous without the agony. 

Over the last 10 years of creating strategy and content for hundreds of businesses, I’ve put together the ultimate system to help you and your team plan, schedule, publish, and repurpose your content marketing.

This is NOT just a calendar to plan your content — it’s an entire system to help get you start "adulting" with your marketing and get your team more autonomous without all the agony.

The system includes:

  • a calendar view for planning your content
  • a kanban view for creating a smooth workflow with your team to create and publish your content
  • a list view that archives all your content in one place, complete with a 5-star rating system to mark your best posts
  • and more!

What's included in the system:

  • Templates — available for ClickUp, Airtable, or Google Sheets
    Includes ready-to-use and completely customizable templates for ClickUp, Airtable, and Google Sheets that include areas for content planning, content scheduling, team workflow, and a content archive to save you dozens of hours a month on marketing.

  • Video: walkthrough of templates
    Complete walkthrough of the overall system to learn how to use the templates to plan and schedule valuable content, create a clear workflow for your team, and ace your marketing goals. Share this with your team to get everyone on the same page! (Includes transcripts.)

  • License: One individual license for the system
  • BONUS: 201 topic ideas
    Included in your template are 201 topic ideas for business owners categorized and sorted by the stage of the customer journey you want to reach — more than 4 years of weekly content ideas done for you.

  • BONUS: EBOOK: Top Secret Guide to Building Your Editorial Calendar 
    My classic ebook all about my signature method for building an editorial calendar based on what you want to sell and when.

  • BONUS Worksheet: Content Strategy Basics 
    A quick and easy worksheet to help you define your own content strategy.

  • BONUS Recorded Workshop: Create Exactly the Content Your Customer Needs at Each Stage of Their Journey
    A perfect quick workshop to help you understand your customer journey and plan out the content your ideal customer needs to see each step of the way.

  • NEW IN 2022 BONUS VIDEO: How to AUTOMATE your content archive!
    Check out this video with step-by-step instructions on how to use Zapier to automatically archive the content you post to social media! If you tend to post first and plan later, this is ESSENTIAL for you!

These tools are all designed to work together to save you and your team dozens of hours each month on planning, publishing, and repurposing your content to ace your marketing and business goals.

This system helps you:

  • Save dozens of hours a month on planning and creating content.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on your VA and marketing team's time with clear workflows.
  • Create better content through planning and categorizing your content types.
  • Plan your content and workflow in Airtable, ClickUp, or Google Sheets — which can connect with Asana, Trello, and many other programs. 
  • Stand out as a thought leader by publishing better content.
  • Get your marketing team be more autonomous in their roles.
  • Know what content to post with done-for-you post topics and custom content categories.
  • Grow your audience and get more leads through producing consistent, high quality content.
  • Stress less by organizing every stage of your content production process.
  • Repurpose effective content with an automatic content archive.
  • Be consistent with planning and workflow tools that make content production easier.
  • Grow your visibility and confidence by streamlining your marketing processes.

This is more than $500 worth of resources, and in honor of the Capitalist holidays of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, this week we’re offering it all... 

For $30. 

Click here to grab the system now.

Value: $500
Regular Price: $99

Today's Price: $30

Individual license terms: One individual commercial license allows you to use this system for one business that you are the sole owner of. You cannot sell, loan, rent, or give away this system to a third party (including your own customers) in any way.

For agency licensing, please contact redphone@hilacy.com.

What others are saying:

"Lacy's list of business blog post ideas is one of the best I've ever seen! This alone is worth the price of the system." — Beth Hayden, freelance writer

3 Modules

Ultimate Content Planning System TEMPLATES

Imagine you're a Secret Agent for Creative Content and you've just walked into Q's laboratory… This template is our Top Secret tool to help business owners create a content calendar, workflow, and archive that puts all their best ideas in one place, and helps them and their teams create, organize, and repurpose content with ease.

Start by choosing your planning system (Airtable, ClickUp, or Google Sheets), then download the template and watch the corresponding video. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the column names / custom fields in my template or will it break something?

Once you’ve made a copy of the template, it is yours to change any way you want. Changing the column names or custom field names won’t break anything. In fact, there’s very little you can “break” in these templates — so go ahead and customize to your heart’s content.

Do I need to have the paid versions of Airtable or ClickUp to use the templates?

No; the templates will work with the free versions of both. However, the free version of ClickUp limits the number of tasks you can have with custom fields, so at some point you may bump up against that limit and want to upgrade.

Can I try one of the other templates?

Yep!  You can try all 3 to decide which tool works best for you and your team.

Can you just help me fill it out?


We offer a half-VIP day content intensive: in about 3 hours I can fill out your editorial calendar for the next six months with topics and get it all organized and strategically planned.

If you have a team and are struggling with getting them organized and autonomous around content creation, I offer a full-day VIP content intensive which includes the content calendar as well as co-creating your brand voice style guide and your content workflow with your team.

Sound amazing?

Click here to book a free consultation with me and let’s chat about it.

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