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Leadership Marketer's Library

Upgrade your Leadership Marketing Strategy with this collection of free worksheets, video trainings, and swipe file designed to help make your content marketing strategy easier and more efficient.

Join for FREE to access all the resources and trainings. 

Ultimate Content Planning System

The ultimate system to organize how you plan, create, and repurpose content and helps your marketing team to be autonomous without the agony. 

Thought Leader Lab

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry and Generate More Leads and Sales

Attention Online Business Owners: Are you struggling to stand out from your competition online? Do you want to produce better content marketing that captivates your audience and drives higher quality leads and sales? The Thought Leader Lab is here to help you unlock your full potential and become the go-to expert in your field.

If you're a course creator, consultant, service provider, or any other micro business owner who knows the importance of content marketing but feels lost in the sea of online noise, this course is designed specifically for you.

The primary goal of the Thought Leader Lab is to empower you to identify and cultivate your thought leadership ideas, turning them into compelling content that resonates with your audience and sets you apart as a trusted authority in your industry.

Marketing Intelligence Bundle

Marketing Intelligence Bundle

Get ALL the Content Direction Agency courses and workshops as a bundle. 

Make A Killing With Content - Book

Get a copy of my bestselling Kindle ebook, Make a Killing With Content for FREE when you reach Clearance Level 25.

1:1 Strategy Session

You can get a CUSTOM content strategy and editorial calendar for about the same cost as other marketing gurus charge for their DIY courses! Apply here to work with Lacy one-on-one to create a custom Leadership Marketing plan for your business. 

Grow Your List with Partner Webinars Workshop

(Previously called JV Webinars Workshop) 

Learn to use other people’s audiences as the fastest way to grow your own with partner webinars. If you’re interested in growing your list fast with qualified leads and a method you can use over and over again — this training is for you.


Content Web Secrets

How To Optimize Your Content So It Drives More Leads and Sales

Are you drowning in content — blog posts, social media, emails, lead magnets, and sales pages, oh my! — but still not sure if it’s actually driving leads and sales for your business?

You’re not alone. Many online business owners are creating great content that is going completely unnoticed, leaving them still struggling to build an audience and make sales… until now!

In this training, Lacy Boggs will reveal the secret power of her Content Web strategy and 5-Minute Content Web Audit tool to help you identify gaps, optimize your content strategy, and boost leads and sales without burning yourself out.

Best part? You won’t have to create a single new piece of content – just leverage what you already have!

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Quickly detect missing pieces and optimization opportunities in your Content Web with your new secret weapon: The 5-Minute Content Web Audit.
  • Grasp the importance of connected content for generating leads and sales, so your content starts working for you.
  • Master the art of prioritizing tasks and leveraging focus to ensure your business is growing and thriving.

This talk is perfect for small business owners, consultants, coaches, course creators, authors, and other experts who want to maximize the impact of the content they already have and drive leads and sales with a solid, proven strategy.

Summer Quickies: Quick One-Off Content Consultations

Got champagne content tastes on a Coors Lite budget? A Quickie might be the perfect solution!

Get an hour of consulting time, plus a follow-up email with notes. These are perfect for getting content questions answered, content co-created, or strategy sorted quickly and inexpensively. 

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