Welcome to CIA in 90 Days – LIVE IN NYC! 
I’m thrilled you’ll be joining us.

Between now and the beginning of the program, I’ll be sending you a bit of pre-work. This will help you be prepared to take the best advantage of the program.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Be sure to add our VIP planning day to your calendar and block it out. We will meet from approximately 9am – 5pm Eastern Time on Monday, March 23rd, in Midtown, Manhattan. I’ll be sending a complete schedule of our day and directions to the meeting space at a later time.

SECOND: Please click here to join the private CIA in 90 Days Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/660251201166568/

The Facebook group is where we will continue our 90 days together after the VIP planning day. Feel free to introduce yourself and let the rest of the group know what you do!

THIRD: Want a team member / colleague / business BFF to join you for the workshop? We know things are more fun with a friend, which is why we’re offering a DISCOUNTED RATE to bring a team member with to CIA in 90 Days. You can add a team member for just $497!

They will get full access to everything to work right alongside you. This is perfect for your VA, project manager, copywriter, or OBM who needs to know what’s going on. This way, you can make the plan together and you’re both speaking the same language when it comes time to implement. Sign them up here to get the discounted rate.

I’ll be reaching out with some additional information soon. If you don’t get a couple emails from me in the next hour please let me know by emailing me at hilacy@lacyboggs.com.

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