Planning might be boring; Results aren’t.

Get six months of blog posts planned and ready to write.

It used to be that I blogged as the inspiration struck. I had a schedule I tried to stick to, posting every Monday and Wednesday, and at first, that worked just fine.

Then, there was one day that I forgot (read: procrastinated) to write my blog post until the night before, so I was up late pounding something out. And maybe it wasn’t my best work ever, but it was a post, right? I was sticking to the schedule.

Lacy-shh-257-sqThen came the day that I forgot (err… procrastinated) to write my blog post until the DAY it was supposed to go up! So there I am, Monday morning, trying desperately to come up with something to say while my daughter’s still running around in her pajamas, and I’m typing, and trying to answer her questions, and trying to come around to an actual point with the blog post, and trying to keep her from coloring on the walls, and no, you may not have “just one show,” well, OK, maybe just one show while mommy works, which turned into two or three shows, and WHEW! Got that sucker posted by noon.

But it’s OK, because I stuck to my schedule, right?

Then there was the week that I didn’t stick to my schedule. And that week turned into two weeks… And then three weeks…


It’s a proven fact that an ounce of planning is worth a metric crap ton of new customers.


  • Writing your blog feeling easy—every time.
  • Feeling as passionate about your topic as you did back when you started your blog, because you know what you want your readers to know, do, and feel with every post.
  • Having readers tell you they felt like you were reading their minds or writing directly to them (because you know exactly the questions and concerns on their minds).
  • Feeling confident that every post you publish is insanely useful and valuable to your readers.
  • Never having to wonder what you’re going to write about next—or whether it’s the right thing to write about—because you’ve built a solid, strategic plan for your blog.

You’ll get all that and a bag of chips* when you come with me on this Blogstorming journey! (*Actual chips not included.)



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Your blog deserves to be amazing. (You haven’t got time for anything less.)

Turns out? Being a solo-entrepreneur is a lot of work. (Who knew?!) Your time is at a premium, and you can’t waste it by playing small and churning out content that may not capture your readers’ hearts and minds. Ain’t nobody got time for that! When you invest the time to create content for your readers, you’ve got to know that your investment is going to come back to you—in new subscribers, new customers, and new raving fans.

Lacy makes blogging a cinch.

When I signed up, I was struggling with writing a single blog post. I had no idea where to begin. Lacy makes blogging and getting traffic to your site a cinch. She is so organized about it, and brings REALLY important aspects of blogging to the table in very digestible pieces. She has the most amazing tips and tricks of the trade. She really knows her business and strives to bring you things you need! I really appreciated the tips and advice. She is down to earth and took the intimidation out of it for me.

Dani Renwick,

Your Blogstorm plan is your NEW secret weapon that will help you rise above the rest of the static on the web.

Because I had a plan, I’ve been able to do amazing things with my blogs and my clients’ blogs. My system has helped me:

  • grow my email list more than 800% in one year.
  • increase monthly page views ten fold.
  • land a monthly guest-posting gig with a Martha Stewart blog.
  • produce guest posts for other sites that earned me hundreds of new email sign ups.
  • get my and my clients’ posts on sites like Huffington Post, Business2Community, Social Media Today, Pick the Brain and Young, Fabulous, Self-Employed
  • get invited to a telesummit that reached more than 30,000 of my ideal customers.
  • appear as an expert on a nationally-syndicated TV show.
  • enroll more than 50 students from 11 countries in my first-ever course—the first round of Blogstorm!

All because of my blog.  Strike that.  All because of my plan.


“I feel much better about getting started with my blog!”

I knew I needed to blog for my business but had no idea how to get started. I didn’t know how to organize my ideas into posts that would make sense. The biggest help was the bucket concept: creating a group of topics to go back to regularly and creating my schedule based on those. Now I feel much better about getting started!

Lisa Murray,


Brainstorming without a plan is just noise. Blogstorming cuts through the static to get results.

Focus your attention on what’s important, and you’ll see results—that’s my motto. So I’ve developed Blogstorm to do just that (and cut through the crap!).

The Blogstorm project is a fun, value packed course of guided brainstorming and content planning to ensure that every post on your blog is working as hard for your business as you are.

  • Each week you’ll get at least one MP3 audio lesson and a Next Action worksheet. The audio gives you a core concept or “how to” that you’ll need to create your marketing plan, and the worksheet gets you out of theory and into doing something.
  • There will also be a complete transcript, if audio’s not your favorite way to learn. These are also great for review, since you can skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • You’ll get customizable templates for your editorial calendar, the “perfect” blog post, done-for-you swipe files and more, ready to use immediately.
  • I’ve tapped some friends on the shoulder and gotten some valuable bonus guest interviews for you, so you can get a really well-rounded view. We’ll transcribe these as well.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow members in an exclusive Facebook group, to brainstorm solutions, trade advice and experience, find potential partners, and get personalized advice from me. No matter what’s got you stuck, the community and I are here to get you rolling again.



I know what the purpose of my blog is now.

I feel like I know what the purpose of my blog is and what I’m supposed to do with it.

Alycia Wicker,

By the end of this program, you will have six months of blog post ideas, keyed to your business and sales goals, complete with catchy, clickable headlines ready to go.  

red_arrowReady to invest in your blog’s success? Click the button below to enroll:

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Blogstorm gave me a unique bird’s-eye view of my business’s blog.

It’s funny how I have no problem writing effective blogs for other businesses — but I get too close to my own blog sometimes to see where it needs help! Participating in Blogstorm gave me a unique bird’s eye view of my own business’s blog. I learned I need to focus on 3 “buckets.” I have a much nicer editorial calendar spreadsheet now (the one I had been using for years desperately needed a makeover!). And I realize I really need to tell more stories!

Jessica Mehring,

Serve up the topics your readers are hungry for—exactly when they’re ready to bite.

  • Launching a product or service in the next six months? Learn to reverse engineer your blog content to prime your readers to invest with you and generate massive desire for your new offering.
  • Want to grow your list with guest blogging or a visibility campaign? The brainstorming prompts and techniques we’ll go over in the Blogstorm program can easily be applied to guest posting.  In fact, a big part of what we’ll cover is when (and how) to write posts that will get your blog a lot of attention—and then how to keep that attention and turn it into desire for your product.
  • Worried you’re picking the wrong topics? The Blogstorm system ensures that you’re generating ideas that are exactly what your customers want to read about.
  • Running out of things to say? Turn on a fire hose of content ideas with my guided brainstorming exercises. You’ll never be at a loss for what to say again.

Ready to rediscover your motivation and passion for blogging?

If blogging for your business has started to feel like a chore, guess what? Your readers will be able to tell. When you’ve put together a plan that outlines exactly why you’re writing a particular post at this particular time, you’ll rediscover exactly how powerful having a purpose can feel.

Take your blog—and your business—to the next level.

You get:

  • Guided brainstorming session with transcripts and worksheets — Valued at $197
  • Templates to create your editorial calendar, the “perfect” blog post and more — Valued at $29.95
  • Bonus interviews with multiple online movers and shakers — Value ???
  • Lifetime to the Blogstorm Facebook group — Value ???
  • TOTAL VALUE = $250+

You get all of the guided brainstorming sessions (with transcripts), the next action worksheets, the bonus interviews, and access to the exclusive online brainstorming group where you can ask questions directly to me—for one payment of $250 $149


Why such a great value? Because I understand the incredible impact and value a strategic editorial calendar can have on your business—and my first purpose and value in my business is to help other business owners succeed!

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This course is so needed!

I feel way more strategic about my editorial calendar, nothing missing. My editorial calendar is fleshed out more. I learned about your AIDA technique and I use it now as a filter for blog topics. Plus, I got new ideas for approaching blog topics like writing a SAQ post. It was great to have access to everyone in the group, and I loved seeing Lacys editorial calendar! Thank you, Lacy—you are amazing and your course is so needed!

Sarah Greer,

red_checkBe prepared for anything and everything.

The Blogstorm curriculum will cover:

  • Getting back in touch with your passion for your topic — module 1
  • Mining your customers’ words for topics — module 2
  • Filling in the gaps in your existing content — module 3
  • And getting it all organized into an editorial calendar that supports your business! — module 4

Plus, you get to keep the guided brainstorming MP3s, the transcripts, the templates, and the next action worksheets to use for life—so you’ll always be able to refer back to them whenever you need to brainstorm some more amazing blog topics.

Fall in love with blogging again.

Click the button below to save your place in the Blogstorming group!

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Because I’m so sure you’ll get a ton of great ideas and the ability to strategically plan your blog posts, I’m happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you’re not totally thrilled with the Blogstorm program, just let me know within 30 days, and your money will be refunded—no questions asked.

“But I like to be creative and write when I feel inspired!”

I’ve had creative entrepreneurs balk at the idea of having their calendar all planned out—and I get that! The ability to be creative, or to move fast and write about something timely and topical is part of the power of blogging. But here’s the cool part: your Blogstorm plan is a living document. It’s not written in stone! It changes as life moves you. If you sit down and feel inspired to write about something, go for it!  Even if it’s not what you’re “supposed” to be writing about according to your plan.  You’re the boss: change the plan!

red_arrowYou’re in charge.  But the plan is backup.

When you put in the effort up front to brainstorm those ideas, plan out your sales strategies, figure out why you’re blogging and to whom, you’ve always got that cushion for the days when inspiration is on vacation.

It’s time to fall in love with blogging again (so your readers fall in love with you).

Use the button below to invest in your business in a way that will guarantee results. I can’t wait to see you there. ~Lacy

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I want you to be totally sure that this is right for you, so if you have any questions about the Blogstorm program, just shoot me an email and let me know! I’m here to answer your questions now, and all during the program.  See you in the group!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When does it start and how long does it last?
Blogstorm is now what’s known as an “evergreen” course — meaning you can start as soon as you purchase the course! It’s broken into four modules that you can do at your own pace. That means you could do it all in a single day or pace yourself and spread it out over four weeks. Each module takes about an hour (maybe more, maybe less) to complete.

2. I am really just starting my blog to support my business.  Will I find the same kind of value in this program that more experienced bloggers might?  (I don’t know where to start in selecting topics and have never even heard of an editorial calendar.) Absolutely. In fact, I think this course is PERFECT for newbie bloggers, because it will get you started on the right track from the very beginning. Plus, you’ll have access to me in the Facebook group if any questions come up that aren’t directly covered in the materials.

3. In addition to the MP3s and transcripts, do you provide any templates for things like the editorial calendar? Yup! Those will be part of those special bonuses I mentioned above!

4. Why do we plan only six months and not a year? Because a lot can change in six months of your business! And I find that every six months is a good time to sit down to plan and reassess.  You’ll have lifetime access to the program, so once you join, you can use the same system every six months to get your calendar ready for the next stage of your business.

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