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Are you “stumped for content”? Holly G. can help

Holly’s best tips for getting started with video content marketing:

  1. Practice. Even if nobody ever sees the videos.
  2. Start adding them to your blog, because people love to experience you in “3D.”
  3. This sets you up for success with interviews, video consults with clients, webinars, etc.

Marketing Mini Mission:

Come up with a video blog idea / script / bullet points for each of the 5 ways to come up with content for your videos.


Create a video for at least 1 of your ideas based on the 5 ways to come up with content listed above.

If you want a jump start with your videos make sure you register for Holly’s Free Video Workshop and learn how to get started, “look natural” & go pro with your online videos.


Once you’ve finished your mission and you have your list of 5 ideas, scripts or bullet points for your video blogs [based on the 5 ways to come up with content above], take a screenshot, and share it  over on Instagram the hashtag #contentdirectionmission #businesscinema™ and don’t forget to tag us! @hollygstudios and @lacylu42
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