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“Epic” presentation tips from Dr. Michelle Mazur

Dr. Michelle’s prescription for better presentations:

  1. Become a “category of one” by finding your unique ideas that push the boundaries of the field you’re in.
  2. Get personal with your audience — people like to do business with another person, rather than a faceless corporation. BUT, make sure your story is relevant to your big idea, and not a distraction from it.
  3. Step into your audience’s perspective and craft your message from their point of view.

Marketing Mini Mission:

Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to download the Presentation Sweet Spot Strategy Guide. Answer all the questions in the audience section. Whether you’re a speaker, blogger, or entrepreneur, understanding your audience is key to gaining massive exposure.

Once you’ve finished those questions, take a screenshot, and share it with the hashtag #contentdirectionmission and tag @blogspiration42 and @drmichellemazur.


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