File 7: 40 Places to Promote Your Content Checklist

Download: 40 Places to Promote Your Content Checklist


I’ve identified four main promotional paths you might take to promote your blog, and the specific steps you might take to achieve each one.  But each promotional journey will be different.  Only you can choose your promotional adventure.

Path 1. Make Sure Your Content is Shareable

You secretly dream of having something you post go viral. But for something to go viral, it must first be shared, and many bloggers don’t make it easy for their content to be shared.  For every blog post you publish, be sure you’re taking these steps:

  • ASK for the share. It seems silly, but even just asking for people to share your work increases the likelihood that they will.
  • Put sharing buttons in your layout to make sharing easy. There are lots of plugins to accomplish this.
  • Include “tweetables” in your post. I use the plugin Click to Tweet to create little pull-quote boxes that a person can easily click and tweet out to their followers, but there are lots of similar plugins and free tools out there that accomplish the same thing.
  • Include multimedia elements — ESPECIALLY in your epic posts. These days, people share things on many different social media sites, and gorgeous media will entice them to share.  Make lovely images pinnable, include videos that can be shared, infographics, slide decks, worksheets, etc. Heck, put some music in there, too, if you think it will help.

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