File 5: 5 Love Languages Of Your Blog Readers

The 5 Love Languages are the ways we like to receive and express love. I think we can translate this theory to how we show affection and appreciation to our blog readers and communities. If you know what your readers’ love language is, you can give them more of what they want.

Download the printable checklist of ways to speak your readers’ love languages.

Then, read more about the five love languages below.

So, what are the five love languages of blog readers? I’m so glad you asked…


It’s a little hard to physically touch someone through the interwebs (touched by a blogger?), but there are other ways to interpret this love language:

Some readers really love all those special touches that show you care. First and foremost, this is about the style of your blog.

  • Formatting that is clean and readable
  • Beautiful design and images
  • Useful sidebar links, search box, easy to find the info you’re looking for
  • Useful newsletter
  • Well-curated social media feeds

Yes, this coming from the woman that just spent a year redesigning her website, but style doesn’t have to mean fancy. In fact, I got many compliments on my old website (which I put together myself for all of about $60), because it was clear, direct, and to-the-point. People could find what they needed and knew what I was about as soon as they got there.

But special touches could also be things like answering email inquiries yourself. If you subscribe to my mailing list, I ask “What are you struggling with most right now?” in the thank-you email, and if you take the time to answer it, I will personally answer you.

I also believe in “the five-dollar wow,” — a little gesture that costs $5 or less that will make people go WOW. When someone wins a giveaway on my food blog, I mail them their gift with a hand-written note on branded notecards, and include the recipe for the blog’s eponymous Laughing Lemon Pie on a pretty recipe card. When I bring on a new VIP client for ghost blogging, they receive a little thank you gift in the mail from me.

These things are easy enough to do, but make a big impression.

Reach out and touch someone:

  • What easy changes can you make to your blog’s format or styling that will improve the reader experience?
  • When you write a blog, set it aside for half an hour before you publish, then read it again for errors and readability.
  • What’s your “five-dollar wow” for readers or clients?


Some people just want to know you care by spending time with you, and that’s cool. Of course, it can get a little dicey in a business situation, too. I’ve seen lots of advice around and about that you should charge people to “pick your brain,” or take you to coffee, and there’s some merit to this. Once you reach a certain level of success, there are people (with the very best of intentions) who just want to sit and talk with you and get some advice — but you may not be able to accommodate that.

Still, I think there are other ways to spend quality time with your readers. For example, I ran a series of webinars last year where people could send me blog posts and we would go over them and improve them live. (A little nerve-wracking, but fun!) These webinars weren’t sales pitches, either. I was just trying to be useful.

I’ve also done AMA (ask me anything) hours on Facebook in different groups I belong to — and I’m planning one on my Facebook page to talk about branding this week. (Click here to like my Facebook page for all the deets.)

I was consistently impressed and fascinated with the amount of personal time Tara Gentile gave to us in her Quiet Power Strategies group coaching program. When we had a Q&A call, she would answer questions as long as we asked them, and then she’d do it some more in our Google+ group and on our individual homework assignments. THAT’S quality time.

Kevin Knebl, a powerhouse international speaker and LinkedIn expert, tells people at every one of his talks that they can call him up any time they’re in his neck of the woods, and he’ll invite them over for dinner! And I don’t doubt him for one minute. He has built his personal brand on being available. I’ve seen him speak twice and shaken his hand once, and I know for a fact that I could contact him right now to schedule an hour of his time to “pick his brain” about anything. That’s who he is.

But rather than live, in-person time, this might also be about the time you put into creating content. I’m making a new effort to create downloadable worksheets, checklists, and action sheets for many of my blog posts — and people can see and recognize that takes time and effort.

Spend some time with your audience:

  • Host office hours, a Q&A call or an AMA thread regularly so people have access to you.
  • Invite people to ask you questions; be available and useful.
  • Create a survey to ask them what they want to see; make them the center of your content strategy.
  • Do a 100 People Project, ala Hey Shenee! where you commit to speaking to 100 people — for free. (This is one way the lovely Nikki Elledge Brown skyrocketed to success in her first year of business.)


This is totally my love language. If you ever need to know how to get on my good side, just tell me how amazing I am.

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