File 4: Post Promotion Email Template

Click here to open the template.

Instructions: This template lives on Google Drive. You will need to save a copy to use it for yourself. In Google Docs:

  • Go to File > Make a Copy and save it to your own Google Drive.
  • Or you can go to File > Download As and download it to a Word document to work on it offline.

There are two email templates in this document.

One is for the Drafting Technique, coined by Derek Halpern. The idea is that when you see a tastemaker has published something similar to something you’ve published, you send them this email in the hopes that they will share or write about your post as well.

The second is an email you can send any time (and EVERY time) you mention another business or blogger on your blog.

Remember the golden rule of promotion: give before you receive. Try to be of service to the person before you ask them to do something for you.


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