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If you’ve read my ebook, The Top Secret Guide to Your Editorial Calendar, you know that I put a lot of value on promotion. WHERE you’re going to share and promote your content is almost as important as writing it.

But promotion can be daunting, which is why I am sharing my own promotion schedule with you — not so that you can copy it, but so that you can use it as a starting place to build your own. To be clear: I don’t care if you copy me, but the sites that do well for me may not do well for you, depending on your niche.

My weekly promotion schedule

I have a list of websites and social media groups that I promote my blog post in each week. My VA does half of it and I do half of it. My VA schedules 5–7 shares for the week across all my social media channels, tagging anyone I mention in the article. Then she submits it to JustRetweet, ViralContentBuzz, BizSugar, GrowthHackers, and She also sends a quick email to any person or company I mention in the post and asks them to share it.

On my end, I have a list of five groups each on Facebook, G+, and LinkedIn where I share the post, usually to one group on each channel each weekday. I also sometimes submit an edited version to Ideapod and Tsu, but I’m not getting much traffic from those.

Finally, the post goes out to my list as an email newsletter on Thursday afternoons. I’m also in the process of trying to figure out how to create more “microcontent” — ie: quote images, infographics, videos, etc. — from each post to share in more places in different ways.

This is all part of the writing/promoting/repurposing ritual I’m creating and testing for a new high level group program I’ll be offering later this summer.

And I know this works, because I actually got a sale this week from someone in a G+ group who was NOT previously on my list. She saw my update, read the post, and bought the program! (A bit unheard of, but I’m stoked!)

Building your own promotional schedule

As I said, my marketing schedule is not to be taken as gospel, but as a starting place for your own. Here’s an additional list of ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Share to social media—again and again
  2. Submit to content communities
  3. Create 20+ snippets for easy sharing
  4. Design an Instagram/Pinterest image tip
  5. Spin off an old blog post into a new one
  6. Build a series of guest posts
  7. Refresh and republish
  8. Post to Quora
  9. Post to LinkedIn
  10. Post to Medium
  11. Post to Ideapod
  12. Post to Tsu
  13. Run a paid ad on Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUpon
  14. Share in relevant forums
  15. Pin to group boards on Pinterest
  16. Join social sharing groups like our group The Network
  17. Create an infographic or instructographic
  18. Put together a presentation for Slideshare
  19. Turn it into a webinar
  20. Build a daily email series or email course
  21. Design an ebook
  22. Share content as a pdf
  23. Record a podcast
  24. Make a video
  25. Email individuals you know who might be interested
  26. Email writers and reporters who have covered similar topics using the drafting technique (see promotion email templates)
  27. Submit to blog hops/linkups/circuses
  28. Contact sources and influencers directly

Here’s an additional checklist with 40 ideas for promoting your content. 


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