File 3: “Perfect” Blog Post Template

Click here to open the template.

Instructions: This template lives on Google Drive. You will need to save a copy to use it for yourself. In Google Docs:

  • Go to File > Make a Copy and save it to your own Google Drive.
  • Or you can go to File > Download As and download it to a Word document to work on it offline.

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you start a blog post.

For many people, just staring at that blank white space is rough. I use a template all the time when I’m writing my own blog or my clients’; it helps to focus my mind on exactly what I need to produce next. It also helps me start in the middle, or start with the snappy conclusion that came to me in the shower, but not lose my place in the post.

Because you’re saving this template to your own computer/Google Drive, you can edit it to reflect the things you want to remember to do or say in each blog post. I put the word perfect in quotation marks because THERE IS NO PERFECT BLOG POST. But this is a good place to start and customize to your own needs.

Watch this video tutorial to get a walkthrough of how to use the template:


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